Fili and Kili are more than hotties! They’re integral to the story!

I’d love to have a flashback to Erebor before they set out on the Quest with Dis and Thorin, and Dis absolutely refusing to let them go with their wayward uncle- and Thorin being wary of taking them- but begrudgingly allowing Fili to tag along. Then Kili bursts in and complains about being left behind, and a huge family argument ensuing. For me, Fili has the sense that he’s been on a few journeys, albeit small ones, whilst it seems that this is Kili’s first big adventure. Here we may draw some parallels between him and ‘Mr. Boggins,’ which is why I think they have a good rapport with each other, aside from Kili’s teasing- which may be due to his status as a privileged young dwarf prince. Kili’s relief at seeing Bilbo when he steps of of the woods at the end of the film after being lost is a wonderful moment, as it displays clearly that Kili actually identifies with Baggins- that he still has someone as inexperienced as he is in many ways on the journey with him- and also marks a turning point for many of the dwarves’ view of him- the inspiration he gives to them is evident in Bombur, Balin, Ori and Fili and Kili’s eyes as it pans to them, even if Thorin still cannot see it.

It was exciting for me to see Fili’s pipe design as Fili was smoking before the Battle of Azanulbizar flashback sequence, which is richer than even Thorin’s is- cementing subliminally to the watcher that these dwarves are always going to be of a noticeably higher status than the others in Thorin and Co.- they have the finer things in life, and always have. I think the scene where Fili and Kili were teasing Bilbo about the orc attack at night and Thorin’s reaction to that highlighted his annoyance that sometimes his nephews could take a lot for granted, and this could all be snatched back from them at any point on this quest.

It’s worth noting that Kili has more of an interaction with his uncle than Fili BECAUSE he looks like him- he resembles his mother Dis- Thorin’s sister, whereas Fili resembles his father- who evidently is blonde. I think this is why Thorin identifies and protects young Kili more; we can see this at many points during the film as they are often filmed together- whilst Fili steps back. This is because not only is Kili the rashest of the dwarves with all his young energy bursting out of him and putting him into some dangerous situations, but I think that he reminds Thorin of himself even more so than Fili does- in his manner, in his looks, and being the younger sibling of two brothers. In my novel A Dwarven Love Story: The Beginning (, I made a conscious decision to write Thorin and Frerin’s relationship as mirroring Kili and Fili’s for this reason.

I was also completely heartbroken (in the best way) at the separation they face when in the stone giants scene- completely great to watch, and the expression on their faces say it all. They’re no longer safe traveling together, no matter how much they protect each others’ backs- after Thorin chastises them for joking about orc packs- this is the first danger they’ve experience apart from each other.

I also loved the author’s point in this about there being more weight on Fili’s shoulders with responsibility- and I’d like to see how this plays out more. He certainly seems to be more reserved, and as a better hold on himself than Kili- perhaps he knows to reserve his youthful energy in case his uncle should fall, and he’d have to lead the Quest? Who knows what Thorin and he have discussed.

Something really interesting to note which I hadn’t thought about since I saw it again in 2D last night- my friends said that their relationship really reminded her of Fred and George Weasley’s- which I thought was absolutely brilliant! And…. they really do!

I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship grows in the coming films, and of course, dreading the final one.

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